Chicco Pink Well Being FP Bottle 250ml


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Chicco Wellbeing PP Bottle (Pink/250 ml):

This vibrant pink feeding bottle is produced by Chicco, a leading brand of quality baby health care products that is popular and trusted among many parents. The BPA free polypropylene material of the bottle makes it hygienic and perfectly safe for the baby’s mouth.
The anatomical teat has a medium flow and it reduces the chances of colic with its anti-colic valve. The measurement markings on the bottle often help parents to keep a check on how much to feed the baby.
The 250 ml bottle is pink in colour and has attractive designs on it. With its thin neck the baby can easily hold as he/she grows up. They can be taught to use these bottles by themselves.
The bottle is made of an excellent quality material which can withstand direct sterilization by boiling in water.

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