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Animal Safari- Multi Coloured: Take your children to an animal safari right in your house! Creative present The Animal Safari board game for children of above the age 6 years. What a wonderful way to introduce your children to the world of amazing colourful animals right in their habitat. These board games take the kids on a complete joyride to the animal kingdom!
As they move across the board they get to see and learn about different animals and see their babies and where they live!
Parents can easily teach their kids animal names and sounds with the help of this game. The children will love it because they would want to go reach the end of the safari and know about all the animals!
The game comes with a set of simple rules, dice and 20 caretaker certificates and action cards! This is what makes Animal Safari an interactive game group game!
The board game is made using paper, board and plastic pieces all of which are perfectly safe for a child to play with. The game is light in weight and can be taken to group picnics or on long travels.
What are you waiting for? Hop on the ride!

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