Creatives Brain Booster Part-1


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Brain Boosters 1, a highly entertaining picture association and word learning game for toddlers and pre-schoolers designed by Creative Educational Aids introduces young children to simple concepts related to studies in a game! The game has laminated cards which can be wiped clean and reused repeatedly. These cards have colourful pictures as an answer to the questions with different activities. The challenge for the child is to answer these questions on the laminated card using ‘special pencil’ provided to him/her. He/she can wipe their answers clean if they are wrong or if they want to play again.
The questions are based on different shapes, colours, objects, numbers, concepts, animals, memory, etc. These cards encourage the development of a child in the areas of memory, concentration, vocabulary, senses, reflexive skills, communication and understanding. It also makes them ready for the school curriculum and increases their knowledge at an age when they are ready to grasp it quickly

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