Creatives Build A Sentence - I


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Build a Sentence – I – Multi Coloured:
After teaching your children new words and objects, it is time to introduce them to simple and easy to learn sentences that they can speak and have a conversation with.
After a lot of research, Creative Educational Aids have produced this game to teach your child to identify subject and predicate of a sentence in the most amusing way.
This pack hence contains 60 large and cute illustrations of objects, animals, things etc., out of which 30 are Subjects and 30 are Predicates.
The children can match these cards in several different ways and make logical or silly sentences. For example, they can form, ‘The hen lays eggs.’ or mix and form ‘The tiger lays eggs.’
This is sure to send them into fits of laughter but also help them remember the sentence structure. An activity guide is also provided to reinforce their learning. Their pronunciation will also improve as they go along matching and finding new sentences to say!

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