Creatives Build A Sentence - III


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Build a Sentence – III – Multi Coloured:
In this 3rd part of the ‘Build a Sentence’ series, researched for and designed by Creative Educational Aids, children of ages 8 and up are taught basic grammar and advanced sentence building skills with the help of an entertaining game of Match the Cards.
The game contains cards with bright, bold and colourful words on them that are simple and familiar to kids. The cards are colour-coded to represent parts of speech and punctuation marks. The players have to match these cards to form a grammatically correct sentence. Several different combinations of words can be turned into sentences which are at times silly and serious.
This in turn is very entertaining for the young ones as they become eager to find all possible combinations thereby learning the sentences structures and adopting new vocabulary.
This game uses colour coding as a guide for choosing and selecting words from the piles of categorized cards to make sentences. They then learn punctuation skills such as starting a sentence from a capital letter word or putting a full stop to end the sentence.
If the kids end up writing their newly discovered sentences in their notebooks, it will also reinforce what they have learnt. An ideal gift for kids who are about to or have already started school.

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