Little Genius Vegetable Tomato Tray SP-12


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Little Genius Vegetable – Tomato Tray with Knob – Multi Coloured:
For ages 3 years and older, Little Genius has created an absolutely ingenious puzzle tray with pieces in the shape of different vegetables!
For parents who wish to introduce their child to different foods and vegetation, this is a must-buy!
These colourful pieces are large, sturdy and durable. As the toddler picks each puzzle piece from the tray with its knob, conveniently placed for the child’s ease, he /she will see amazing depictions of natural produce like tomato and radish along with their names.
It is not only a fun game where the children are fascinated and drawn towards the colourful images, but it also teaches and enhances their language, knowledge about healthy foods and hand-eye coordination.
When they child tries to put back the puzzle pieces in the tray, they will become aware of different shapes and spaces.
What’s more! As an exercise children can use these shapes as stencils to draw their favourite vegetable! This game contributes to an overall development of a growing child.
The pieces of this tray are safe-to-use as well as Eco-friendly. They have smooth edges so the children can hold them in their little hands perfectly well.

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