Mattel Uno Original Playing Card Game (41001)


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Mattel Uno Original Playing Card Game (41001)

A classic Uno card game which is around for ages is a family favorite. Each player receives 7 cards at the beginning of the game. The remaining cards are kept in a ‘draw’ pile. Each card ‘drawn’ or ‘not required’ is then to keep into the ‘discarded’ pile.

How to play? What makes Uno card game unique is that the cards have color, number, and word codes, with its own meanings. Players must match the card in the discard pile by these codes. If they can’t, they must pick a new one from the ‘draw’ pile. The winner is the player who has only one card left with him/her. They must yell ‘Uno’ immediately! If they don’t, they must continue playing by picking up two more cards.

Uno card game is highly addictive and needs minimum 2 players. The larger the group the more fun it is. The codes on the cards make the game challenging with a lot of twists and turns! Children and adults will enjoy this game immensely!

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