Cubic Burj-Al-Arab 3D Puzzle (44 Pcs)


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Cubic Burj-Al-Arab 3D Puzzle (44 Pcs)

An exciting puzzle board game that can occupy your children for hours on end. It contains a puzzle which forms a replica of the Burj Al Arab which is the tallest structure in the world.

The game has a total of 44 puzzles pieces that do not require any kind of glue or scissors to work with. Once the puzzles are put together the children can use it as a showpiece or disassemble to play it again.

As the puzzle is in 3D the replicas will stand tall and erect. All the necessary parts of the puzzle are included in the game box.

Solving such puzzle games are said to improve a child’s problem solving and discrimination skills. Finishing these challenging puzzles also increases the feeling of confidence amongst children.

Hence this is a perfect buy to occupy your kids. It is also an educational and fun way to learn about different monuments and famous cities.

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